DON-А 0934


The reagent is a mixture of cationic surfactants in an alcohol solvent


The water repellent is intended for use as a part of drilling fluids, silencing fluids, acid solutions for the treatment of the bottom-hole zone of the formation in conditions of thermosalt aggression. It is used to remove bound water from the reservoir and hydrophobize the pore surface. It is characterized by lower values of interfacial tension at the boundary with oil compared to analogues, has a higher oil-bearing capacity and retains phase stability in a wide temperature range (5-95 ° C) regardless of the degree of water mineralization. It is mixed with water in unlimited quantities.

Recommended working concentration:- 15-100 g/m3.

Product Specification
ТC 20.41.20-005-04706205-2018

DОN-А 0934/20

DОN-А 0934/50

1 Appearance

transparent liquid
from colorless to yellow color
without sediment and foreign inclusions

2 Density at  20 0С, g/сm3


3 Freezing point,  0С, not above

— 50

— 20

4 рН  (10% solution)


5 Kinematic viscosity, cSt,
at 20 °C, not above
at — 40 °C not above



6 Corrosion aggressiveness of the commercial form, g/(m2*h), not above



7 Solubility and dispersibility of the reagent

soluble in mineralized water

The product is packed in 190/200 kg polyethylene barrels. The use of another type of container can be agreed with the consumer.

Shelf life – 3 years.