DON-А 0934

Water-repellent, corrosion inhibitor, biocide

DON-А 0934 is water or alcohol composition of cationic nitrogen surfactant.


Water-repellent is used as an ingredient of drilling fluid, muffling liquids, acidic solvents for bottom hole layer in the environment of thermo-salt aggression. It is used for removing bound water away from a layer. It can be also used for water-repellency treatment of steam surfaces to remove condensate water mixtures. It has lower indexes of surface tension with oil, compared to its analogues. It shows more effective oil efferent. It keeps phase stability at 5-950С, without reference to water mineralization.

Recommendation on concentration:
– 0,7-1,0 %.

It protects from hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide corrosion of oilfield equipment, to suppress the growth of bacteria. It can be also used in acid compositions and can be  mixed  with water in non-limited quantity to improve oil-recovery.

Recommendation on concentrations:
– 15-150 g/м3.

Product’s specification

TC 2458-005-04706205-2004

DON-А 0934/35 DON-А 0934/50а
1 Appearance , color (20ºС) Transparent colorless or light-yellow liquid Light-yellow transparent liquid
2 Density at   20 0С, g/сm3 0,94-0,98 0,85-0,89
3 Temperature of freezing, 0С 0 — 50 not lower
4 рН 6-8 6-8
5 Kinematic viscosity at  200С, сСт., max 50 30


The product is available in polyethylene drums and container or in a tare at  a customer’s requirement.

Shelf life — 5 years