Emulsifiers of invert emulsions

Emulsifiers of invert emulsions DON-К 0302-5/75n and  DON-К 0402-5/75n are compositions, the main ingredients of which are nonionic derivatives of amino alcohols.


It’s used to obtain invert emulsions for injection wells treatment. It can be also used to produce liquid for well muffling. It increases a range of layer thickness; it reduces water products of wells and improves oil recovery. It is an excellent regulator of structural and rheological properties of inhibited drilling fluids.
Required concentration of emulsifier is 2-3%.

Product’s specification
TC 20.59.59-061-04706205-2020

DON-К 0302-5/75н DON-К 0402-5/75н
1 Appearance, color  (20ºС) Brown liquid without residues and foreign matters Brown liquid without residues and foreign matters
2 Density at  20 0С, g/cm3 0,98-1,04 1,04-1,1
3 Temperature of freezing,  0С — 6 — 6
4 рН 8-12 8-12
5 Kinematic viscosity at 200С, сСт., max 850-950 1150-1350


The product is available in polyethylene drums or in a tare at  a customer’s requirement.

Shelf life  – 2 years.