Monoethanolamides of coconut oil acids, flakes

  • nonionic surfactant 
  • thickener  and  foam stabilizer
  • solubilizeremulsifier
  • it decreases the irritation to skin of anionic surfactants
  • compatible with all kind of surfactants
R – coconut oil acid alkyl 

INCI: Cocamide MEA
CAS №:  68140-00-1


oconut oil monoethanol-amide can be used in cosmetic industry for producing shampoo, including coloring shampoo, gels, bath foams, toilet soap, cosmetic creams. It can also be used for household product manufacturing and in coloring processes of fabric, leather and fur.

Products specification

ТУ 2433-013-04706205-2005

1. Аppearance light-yellow solid
2. Free monoethanol-amide content % 3,0 max
3. Glycerin content % 11,0 max
4. рН- indicator 7,5-10
5. moisture % 0,5 max

Storage and shelf life

COLAMIDE К is stored in sealed containers in covered warehouses at 0-25ºC. It can also be stored under canopy out of direct sunlight and away from atmospheric condensation. Compliance with the temperature regime is must.

Shelf life – 12 months.

The product is available in 20 kg polyethylene bags.