NIIPAV receives CGMP certificate

NPO NIIPAV — a member of the Zirax Group of companies, has successfully completed a certification audit on compliance with the requirements of the international quality standard CGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices), having received a certificate of compliance with ISO 22716:2007.

GMP is an international standard that defines the rules and regulations that ensure the high quality of production processes at all stages, including those related to the storage and quality control of products. The GMP standard includes a number of indicators that must be met by an enterprise engaged in the production of a particular product.

The GMP certificate confirms that the company complies with all procedures relating to the safety and quality control of products; a responsible level of production and testifies to the company being responsible, modern and technologically sound.

For consumers the presence of a GMP certificate means that NIIPAV products can be safely used in the production of cosmetics and body care products, without fear of problems with certification and quality.

For financial organizations, the presence of a certificate indicates that there are no risks associated with compliance with procedures for the production of ingredients, which makes lending for production purposes less risky.

The GMP certification audit was conducted by the leading research and certification company Control Union Inspections (Pvt) Ltd, founded in 1920 and with offices in 70 countries.

NPO NIIPAV is a developer and a major manufacturer and supplier of functional surfactants and products based on them to both domestic and export markets.

The Zirax group of companies produces and sells specialized chemical products that are supplied to a wide range of customers, including oilfield services and oil and gas companies. The company also has offices in Russia and production facilities located in Russia, the Middle East and Egypt.