NIIPAV receives RSPO certificate

NPO NIIPAV, a member of the Zirax group of companies, has confirmed compliance with the requirements of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) standard. As a responsible manufacturer of surfactants and adhering to generally accepted ethical standards, the company follows the principles of Sustainable Development. The certificate indicates that a reliable supply chain of raw materials is easily traced, and that products of NPO NIIPAV meet the requirements of environmentally sustainable production at international levels. The company is aware of the responsibility for the purchase and use of ingredients based on palm raw materials. As part of this standard, NIIPAV seeks to ensure that sources of palm raw materials do not contribute to deforestation and do not infringe on the rights of workers and indigenous peoples.
Palm gives the most efficient oilseed crop in the world. Palm trees produce the highest yield per hectare, which requires much less land use than any other alternative to vegetable oil. One hectare of oil palm gives 5-10 times more oil than other vegetable oils. Palm oil helps promote economic development and poverty reduction in the regions where it is produced and is the most common vegetable oil that is used as a raw material for both the food and non-food industries.
The RSPO is a volunteer organization that unites seven groups related to palm oil production: producers, processors or traders, consumer goods producers, retailers, banks and investors, environmental and social NGOs. Palm oil is certified according to the criteria of the Round table on sustainable palm oil production (RSPO), which aims to reduce the negative impact of oil palm cultivation on the environment and society.
NPO NIIPAV is a developer and a major manufacturer and supplier of functional surfactants and products based on them to the markets of Russia and abroad, an enterprise that is part of the Zirax group of Companies.
The Zirax group of companies produces and sells specialized chemical products that are supplied to a wide range of customers, including oilfield services and oil and gas companies. The company also has offices in Russia and production facilities located in Russia, the Middle East and Egypt.