Sunflower oil acid diethanolamides

  • nonionic surfactant
  • thickener, foamer  and  foam stabilizer
  • solubilizer, emulsifier
  • compatible with all kind of surfactants

R – sunflower oil acid alkyl


Sunflower oil acid diethanolamide can be used  for production household products and technical detergents.

Product’s specification

ТУ 2433-001-04706205-2004

1. Аppearance viscous yellowish liquid
2. Color  (Gardner scale ),  max 6
3. Free diethanolamine content % 4,5 max
4. Glycerin content,  % 10,0 max
5. рН-indicator 8,0-11,0
6. Water ,% 0,2 max

Storage and shelf life

DILAMIDE® PS is stored in sealed containers in covered warehouses at 0-40ºC. It can  also be stored under canopy out of direct sunlight and away from atmospheric condensation. Compliance with the temperature regime is must.

Shelf life — 12 months.

The product is available in 200 kg polyethylene drums or  in a tare at customer’s requirement.