BETAPAV® А1214.30

Alkyl betaine С12 – С14, 30%

  • amphoteric surfactant
  • thickener and foamer, co-surfactan
  • keeps its foaming and cleaning properties  in hard water
  • low  irritation to skin and eyes 
  • compatible with all kinds of surfactants

INCI: Lauryl-Miristyl Betain
 №: 66455-29-6



It can be used for producing shampoo, gels, bath and shave foams and hair styling, also in manufacturing of household products, auto cosmetics, technical detergents and etc…

Product’s specification

TC 20.59.59-002-04706205-2020

1. Appearance, color clear or yellow transparent liquid
2. Color (Hazen Scale) 50 max
3. Main substance  content, % 28,0-32,0
4. Fraction of chloride’s total mass (in terms of  NaCl), % 5,5-6,7
5. Free amine  content, % 0,5
6. Dry residue’s content, % 33,0-39,0
7. рН (in  5% water solution)


Storage and shelf life 

BETAPAV® А1214.30 is stored in sealed containers inside of covered warehouses at 0 — 40 ºC.  It can also be stored under a canopy out of direct sunlight and away from atmospheric condensation. Compliance with the temperature regime is a must.

Shelf life  — 12  months.

The product is available in 200 kg  polyethylene drums or in a  tare  at  customer’s requirement.