Carboxymethylate of nonylphenol ethoxylates, 35%,water

  • kryptonion  surfactant
  • wetting agent
  • со-emulsifier for metal-working liquids
  • fragrance solyubilizator for alkaline compounds
  • demonstrates  good washing properties with low foam formation
  • shows high stability in alkaline, acidic and electrolyte environments
  • has ability  of calcium salts’ dispergation
  • is compatible with all surfactant kinds

R – alkyl С9H19



Oxyethylized alkylphenol carboxylates  can be used for hygiene products (shampoo, foam cleaners), cleaning household and technical detergents, and  auto cosmetics. It can also be used as an ingredient of washing compounds for cotton, wool and mixed fabric. Finally, it can be used in agriculture sector as a wetting agent in insecticide water solutions, and also as an emulsifier in herbicide and  insecticidal compounds, and in cooling-lubricating liquids.

Product’s specification  

ТC 2480-012-04706205-2005

1. Color and appearance Transparent colorless to light-yellowish liquid
2. Main substance content, % 31,5-35,0
3. Water, %, max 62,0-65,0
4. NaCl, %, max 3,5
5. Density, g/cm3, 20ºС 1,06-1,07
6. рН  value 7,5-10,0
(10%-water solution )

Storage and shelf life

Karboxipav AF6 is stored in sealed containers in covered warehouses at +15 ÷ +40 ºC. Also it is allowed to keep in a prepared place under canopy out of direct sunlight and atmospheric condensation, the compliance with the temperature regime is must.

Shelf life  — 12  months

The product is available in 200 kg polyethylene drums or in a tare at customer’s requirement.