Emulsifiers of inverse emulsions

Emulsifiers of inverse emulsions are a composition of nonionic surfactants.

Designed to obtain inverse emulsions used in the treatment of injection wells when performing measures to level the injectivity profile, as well as for the preparation of killing fluid for oil wells. It promotes an increase in reservoir coverage in thickness, a decrease in the water cut of production wells, additional washing of residual oil in the oil-saturated part of the reservoir and an increase in oil recovery in the treated area. An excellent regulator of the structural and rheological properties of inhibited drilling fluids.

The working concentration of the emulsifier is 2-3%.

Product Specification
ТC 20.59.59-061-04706205-2020

DОN-К 0302-5/75n

DОN-К 0402-5/75n

1 Appearance,

viscous liquid
from yellow to brown color
without sediment and foreign inclusions

2 Density at  20 0С, g/cm3



3 Freezing point,  0С,  °С

— 6

— 6

4 Hydrogen index (pH)



5 Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C, cSt, not above



The product is packed in 190/200 kg polyethylene barrels. The use of another type of container can be agreed with the consumer.

Shelf life — 1 year.