DON-L 1704/60

Emulsifier of inverse emulsions

The reagent is a mixture of surfactants in hydrocarbon solvents.
Universal emulsifier for hydrocarbon-based solutions. Forms a stable inverse emulsion, the value of electrical stability can reach 2000 volts (depending on the concentration and composition of the solution). Remains effective when exposed to high temperatures and high pressures (HTHP) and in the presence of water and solids contaminations of the solution.

Emulsifier DON-L 1704/60 is used in drilling and  well workover. Designed to improve emulsion stability and help control fluid loss. DON-L 1704/60 forms the base emulsion (of the water-in-oil type) required for oil-based drilling fluid systems. At operating temperatures up to 149 ̊C (300 ̊F), the reagent can maintain high electrical stability, low HTHP filtrate, and desired rheological properties. Effective over a wide range of water-HC phase ratios and solids content. It is possible to use various bases (diesel fuel, synthetic and mineral oils) and auxiliary reagents for OBM.

The recommended emulsifier concentration is 5 — 30 kg/m3 depending on the type and parameters of the solution. It is recommended to use a dispersant to prepare the most stable emulsion.

Product Specification
ТС 20.59.59-062-04706205-2021

DONL 1704/60

1 Appearance

Homogeneous liquid

2 Density at  20 0С, g/cm3


3 Freezing point, °С

— 15

4 Dynamic viscosity at 25 °C, cP, max.


5 Water content, %, max.


The product is packed in 190/200 kg polyethylene barrels, metal barrels, polymer containers with a capacity of 1 m3.  or in containers as agreed with the consumer. The use of another type of container can be agreed with the consumer.

Shelf life — 1 year.