Corrosion inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors DON-М 0404-1/70а and  DON-М 0505-6/70а are compositions of cationic surfactants in alcohol solvent.


It can be usedas a corrosion inhibitor  for anticorrosion treatment of pipelines and oil and gas equipment. Surfactants adsorb at the bound metal-solution, and monomolecular hydrophobic layer forms, it repels water away.  Protection effect of reagent at 10-20 g/t is  90-95 %.

Product’s specification

TC 2458-005-04706205-2004

DON-М 0505-6/70а DON-М 0404-1/70а
1 Appearance , color (20ºС) Light-brown
transparent liquid
viscous liquid
2 Density at  20 0С, g/сm3 0,9-0,95 0,88-0,93
3 Temperature of freezing ,  0С, not higher then -20 — 15
4 рН 10-12,5 9-12
5 Kinematic viscosity at  200С, сСт., max 200 1000


The product is available in polyethylene drums and container  or in a tare at  a customer’s requirement.

Shelf life  — 5 years.