Technical detergent

Purpose and Properties
Technical detergent «SCAT US 60» is a multifunctional reagent and is used in the oil industry.
The product is intended for the intensification of technological processes of oil production, increasing oil recovery, reducing hydraulic resistances during oil transportation, destruction of clay cement aggregates, structured systems of drilling mud filtrate and oil-water emulsions, pre-washing of residual oil and partial dissolution of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD).
«SCAT US 60» is a composition of surfactants  and other functional additives. It has a high surface activity: at a low dosage level, it greatly reduces the surface tension (when using a 0.5% solution of «SCAT US 60» in mineralized water containing 15 g / dm3 NaCl, the surface tension at the border with n-octane is 0.8-1.1 mN / m).
The product is fire- and explosion-proof, technologically and cost-effective.

Product Specification
TC 2389-031-04706205-2009

1. Appearance, color

transparent liquid
from colorless to light yellow color
without foreign impurities

2. Hydrogen index (pH) of 3% aqueous solution

6,0 – 8,0

3. Main substance content, %, not less


4. Pour point, оС, not above

— 15

5. Density, g/cm3


6. Interfacial tension between oil (density 0,87 g/cm3) and water (NaCl – 15 g/dm3) 20 degC mN/m with w/w % of surfactant, max


Storage and Shelf life 
The product is stored in sealed containers in indoor warehouses, at temperatures from — 40 0C to +40 0C. It is allowed to store the product under a canopy on a planned site protected from direct sunlight and precipitation, in mandatory compliance with the temperature regime. In case of freezing, the product must be defrost and mixed. It does not change its consumer properties.
«SCAT US 40» belongs to the 2nd class in biodegradability (moderately degradable, GOST 32509-2013); meets the «Unified sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods subject to sanitary-epidemiological supervision (control)», approved by the Decision of the Customs Union Commission on May 28, 2010 No. 299, in terms of complete biodegradability; allowed for circulation on the market without restrictions. (Test report No. 107).

Shelf life — 12 months from the date of manufacture.

The product is packed in 200 kg polyethylene barrels. The use of another type of container can be agreed with the consumer.