Technical detergent of multi-purpose

Application and properties

Detergent «SKAT US» is intended for cleaning metal, ceramic, plastic, glass and other surfaces, including painted, and also textiles from organic and mechanical contaminants such as oil, grease, oil, asphalt, resin and paraffin deposits, coolant, etc. Used in oil, petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, metal working, for the cleaning and washing of engines, transmissions of motor vehicles, mechanisms, machines, tanks, movable vehicle part and other industries, as well as in everyday life.

«SKAT US» is a multicomponent, homogeneous, transparent, stable in time, and a highly effective washing composition of nonionic and anionic surfactants and other functional additives with the effect of inhibition of corrosion, lowering of the rigidity of the cleaning solution with increased wetting and dispersing ability. In certain cases, the cleaning solution can be separated by sludge from the contaminants and reused in the process.

«SKAT US» is fire-safe, explosion-proof, technologically advanced and economical for use. For example, when cleaning steel surfaces from grease, oils, fuel, 100% cleaning effect is achieved at washing of 0.2% solution (active substance) at a temperature of 40°C and a contact time of 10-25 min.

Product’s specification

ТУ 2389-031-04706205-2009

1. Appearance, color From colorless to light-yellow
clear liquid
2. Active substances content, % 25,0 — 26,0
3. Water content, % max  74,0 — 75,0
4. (рН) 1% water solvent 10,0 — 11,5
5. Freezing point, °C -2

Mode of application

To obtain the working washing solution of technical detergent the detergent is diluted with water in ratio of detergent: water from 1:5 to 1:100. Removal of contaminants is carried out at a working temperature of the washing solution 20 – 60°C through various devices that provide movement of the washing solution relative to the surface being cleaned. The contact time is 5 minutes or more, depending on the concentration of the solution, temperature of washing, the type and extent of contamination, and in each case is determined experimentally.

Shelf life and Storage

The product is stored in sealed containers in covered warehouses at 10-40 ºC. It can also be stored  under canopy out of direct sunlight and away from  atmospheric condensation. Compliance with  the  temperature regime is must.

This substance freeze, after unfreezing keeps its properties. Before application the product shall be carefully mixed.

Self Life – 24 month since the day of manufacturing.

The product is available in 200 kg  polyethylene drums or  in a tare at customer’s requirement.