Additive for bitumen

KATADOR-AD – additive for bitumen designed for use in road construction as the adhesion additive. It is available in three grades, differed in feedstock.


Additive while adding in amounts of 0.4-0.6% (depending on brand) by weight of the bitumen significantly improves the adhesion of bitumen with mineral materials used in road construction and repair of road surfaces.

The use of the additive is especially effective in cases of high-strength materials of acidic character (gravel-sand mixture, crushed rock, etc.).

The additive provides a secure grip of the bitumen even with wet mineral materials, which allows to carry out road construction works under unfavorable weather conditions, to extend the season of road construction, to save energy when drying the mineral component of asphalt concrete at the plant.

The introduction of additives improves the quality of bitumen: the depth of needle penetration increases by 10%, the elongation increases by  10-14 cm, brittleness temperature is lowered on 2-6°C, the stability of the bitumen to the processes of oxidative aging increases.

The thermal stability of modified bitumen is 24 hours at 120 ° C, 15 hours at 140°C and 6 hours at 180°C.

The service life of asphalt roads built with the use of additives is increased in 2-2,5 times.

Product’s specification

ТУ 2482-033-04706205-2013

1 Appearence Dark brown
viscous liquid
viscous liquid
2 Density, g/sm3 0,93 – 0,97 0,93 – 0,97 0,93 – 0,97
3 Amine value, mgНCl/g 50 – 100 70 – 100 70 – 110
4 Acid value, mgКОН/g, max 10 5 5
5 Freezing point,°С — 7 — 13 — 17

Shelf life and storage

The product is stored in sealed containers in covered warehouses at 0 — +40 ºC. It can also be stored under canopy out of direct sunlight and away from atmospheric condensation. Compliance with the temperature regime is must.

Self life – 12 month since the day of manufacturing.

The product is available in 190/200 kg polyethylene drums or in a tare at customer’s requirement.