Policy on Sustainable Palm (Kernel) Oil

Palm oil is the most commonly vegetable oil that is used as a raw material for both food and non-food industries.
Palm is the most efficient oilseed crop in the world.

Palm trees produce the highestyield per hectare, requiring much less land usethan any other vegetable oil alternative. One hectare of oil palm produces 5-10 times moreoil than other vegetable oil crops. Palm can contribute to economic development and poverty alleviation in regions where it is produced.

At NIIPAV, we recognize our responsibilities regarding the purchase and use of ingredients based on palm-derived raw materials. As part of this responsibility, we strive to ensure our sourcing of palm-derived materials does not contribute to deforestation or infringe upon the rights of workers and indigenous peoples.

Our goals and aspirations

  • Establishing traceability of palm oil and palm kernel oil to supplier mills
  • No deforestation in the palm supply chain to plantations
  • Respect for human and labor rights
  • To follow RSPO standards as a key mechanism to drive responsible palm practices across the industry
  • Monitor compliance No development of High Conservation Value, No new development of peat lands, No burning to clear land for new development or replanting in our palm supply chain.

In November 2019 SME NIIPAV LTD was certified according to RSPO standard (MB).

The List of Our Direct and Indirect Suppliers:

Taminco bvba
KAO Chemicals